Urenbi Studio is an indie game studio founded by Rubén López from Madrid, Spain.

We make fun games and virtual experiences.

You can contact us via email at press@urenbi.com

Glow Hunt
Press Kit


Developer: Urenbi Studio

Platforms: Android / iOS

Free to play, in-app purchases

Availability: App Store and Google Play

Release: January 2021


Glow Hunt is an endless flying game where your skills, speed and concentration will be put to the test.

Move fast and dodge all the obstacles to try to get out of this tunnel.

Recover your glow… or fly in the dark.

How far will you be able to go?


The player guides the character with his finger on the screen, which flies continuously and must dodge all obstacles in his way, such as different doors, laser beams and other obstacles.

As it advances it loses his glow, so it must try to recover it in order not to fly in the dark. Its glow also illuminates the scene in the color chosen by the player.

Glow Hunt is highly customizable and the player can collect diamonds on his flight to unlock new characters, new glows, new trails and new tunnels.

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